20 OCTKey Tips for Buying the Best Replacement Windshield

Key Tips for Buying the Best Replacement Windshield

It is never safe to drive your vehicle with a cracked or chipped windshield. Even, if the damage is in its minutest form, we'd advise you to get it fixed immediately.

In the majority of cases, replacement is the best long-term solution. However, you have to do a little bit of homework before you get your car's windshield replaced.

Here are a couple of things you need to mull over before you can get the best possible windshield replacement in Orlando.


Sometimes, we tend to ignore the most obvious aspect of a replacement windshield—how durable the glass is. Remember, the thicker the windshield is, the more durable it is. Nevertheless, if you want to factor in the material of the windshield, acrylic windshields are the most economical option in the market, but polycarbonate Lexan is the strongest material, without any need of increasing the thickness.

You have to decide, whether you want a thicker windshield to protect your car from road debris, snow, and heavy downpour, or add the least amount of weight to your vehicle with a lightweight, thinner windscreen. In some states, the windscreen needs to be shatter-proof. Therefore, if there is any such restriction in your state, you might have to think about the durability aspect again.


You must inquire about the nature and terms of the warranty. A trustworthy windshield service provider, which takes immense pride in their quality of workmanship, will be ready to offer a written warranty. However, such a type of warranty doesn’t imply covering windshield damage from accidents.

Some windshield warranties are subjected to complete replacement solutions, while others include off-site repair assistance. The warranty period of windshield is one year or two years max.

To avoid any hassles later on, you have to make sure that you clear your every minute doubt in the first place.

Right Fit & Quality Installation

Right Fit & Quality Installation

The windshield you buy must fit your make, model, and year or else you'll have to face problems every now and then.

If the windshield does not fit right, take it for granted that it is more prone to breaking. So, to install the windscreen that is perfectly bonded to your car, you'll have to go to a reputable service that offers a team of professionals with plenty of experience and finesse in skill.

Let's Wrap Up

Windshield replacement does not have to be a gamble if you do it with the right service provider.

If your windscreen has been cracked or chipped, contact Florida Safety Auto Glass, our panel of specialists are fully trained to carry out the windshield replacement with the aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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