17 NOVHow to Test The Quality of Your Windshield

The windshield of your car is a more important safety feature of your vehicle than you think. It does more than just save you from the oncoming wind and dirt. A high-quality windshield can save you from a lot of harm in the unfortunate event of an accident or collision. An industry standard, good quality windshield undergoes several tests before it is cleared to be installed in a car. One specific scenario in which a high-quality windshield proves it's worth it if your vehicle rolls over. In this case, a top-quality windshield will be able to support the roof of your car and prevent it from collapsing on you. This is a potentially lifesaving attribute. There many differences between a high-quality windshield and a low-quality one:

  • Durability - An industry-standard windshield is strong, durable, and can withstand a considerable amount of impact before breaking. Local windshields are prone to chipping and cracking over time.

  • Easy to maintain - High-quality windshields are easier to maintain as opposed to low-quality ones because they dirt, dust, and debris do not stick to them.

  • Visibility - This is perhaps the most significant difference between the two. Since high-quality windshields are not prone to micro-abrasions or cracking, they provide much better visibility over a more extended period of time.

There are clear advantages of going for a high-quality windshield, but it also has to be installed properly to ensure your safety. Here are a few ways that you can check the installation quality of your windshield.

  • Check for leaks - The biggest telltale sign of a poorly installed windshield is that it will leak. You can perform a few simple tests yourself to ensure that your windshield is not leaking and installed properly. First is the soapy water test. For this, you will have to cover your windshield in soapy water and then use an air nozzle to pump air onto the trim. If you see any bubbles forming in the water, then you leak.

  • A peculiar noise - If you hear a strange sound when driving at high speeds, then your windshield is not installed correctly and is causing this sound because of the wind rushing in through the cracks.

These are not good signs and mean that you should get your windshield inspected by an expert such as Florida Safety Auto Glass. They will provide you a free of cost assessment of the windshield and make sure that the integrity of your windshield is not compromised in any way. If there is any minor damage or the problem lies with the installation, it can be easily fixed. However, if there are any major cracks or other issues, then you might have to get your windshield replaced. It is best to have an expert take a look. This makes sure that if you get your windshield replaced, the replacement of the best quality and installed properly. It is a very important safety feature that should not be taken lightly.

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